Aicha aka Berit Vill is the director, dancer and choreographer and designer of Müstika Maagiline Teater (Müstika Magical Theatre), the biggest oriental dance theatre in Estonia.

She started oriental dance in 2000 and since then has worked as a dancer and teacher in Estonia, Latvia, France and Greece.

In 2009 Aicha opened the Müstika Dance Studio in the city center of Tallinn and has hosted various dancers such as Ozgen (TUR), Manca Pavli (SLO), Maria Aya and Prince Kayammer ( GRE), Princess Farhana ( US), Loulou dVil ( FIN), Zahra (Marocco/FIN) and organises regularly the oriental party “ Müstika Hafla!” and “Mystical Burlesque Night” which have become international gatherings of dancers of various dance styles.

Aicha has introduced new dance styles for the first time in Estonia: burlesque , american tribal style and tribal fusion belly dance.

Aicha has organized and taken part in various projects. The more interesting ones are for example: Arabian Folk Evenings in cooperation with the Viru FOLK Festival, dance show in the play "HEA JA KURJA TUNDMISE PUU" by Silver Sepp, Chalice, Päär Pärenson and the famous bhangra-reggae band Bombillaz , medieval festivals: Mütofest, Keskaja Päevad, Keskaja Karneval and Vanalinna Päevad with Hortus Musicus, Hard Rock Camp in Estonia 2006 with the Estonian most famous trash metal band Must Missa, Maailmapäev 2009, fashionshow Salaaed, TV-shows: Estonia's Got Talent 2010, Kolmeraudne Bombillaz also many performances in various international festivals in Europe and Egypt.

Aicha is the first oriental dance teacher in Estonia who managed to organize a full length arab folk music and dance show at an Estonian Folk Festival.

In 2010 Aicha was invited to perform with the Turkey's most beloved alternative music purveyors Baba Zula and they repeated the show also at the World Day festival in Tallinn 2011.

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